Standing Committees and Commissions

Standing Committees and Commissions

Economic Development and Tourism

Pierre Leroux, Chair
Robert Kirby, Vice-Chair
Jeanne Charlebois, membre

Prescott and Russell Residence

Gary J. Barton, Chair 
Jeanne Charlebois, Vice-Chair
Fernand Dicaire, membre

Emergency Services

Robert Kirby, Chair
Pierre Leroux, Vice-Chair
Guy Desjardins, membre

Social Services

Jeanne Charlebois, Chair
Fernand Dicaire, Vice-Chair
Gary J. Barton, membre

Public Works

Guy Desjardins, Chair
Gary J. Barton, Vice-Chair
Pierre Leroux

Planning and Forestry

Fernand Dicaire, Chair
Guy Desjardins, Vice-Chair
Robert Kirby, membre

Larose Forest Committee

Guy Desjardins

Accessibility Advisory Committee

​Jeanne Charlebois

Agricultural Advisory Committee

Robert Kirby, Guy Desjardins

Emergency Management Program Committee

François St-Amour

Prescott-Russell Tourism Association

​Jeanne Charlebois, Pierre Leroux

Eastern Ontario Health Unit

​Gary J. Barton, Robert Kirby

Municipal Advisory Committee of the Algonquin Land Claim

François St-Amour

Eastern Ontario Water Resources Committee (EOWRC)

Pierre Leroux, Conrad Lamadeleine

South Nation Conservation

​François St-Amour, Pierre Leroux, Fernand Dicaire

Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC)

François St-Amour

Source Protection Authority

​Conrad Lamadeleine