Mountain Bike Trail Project

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Mountain bike development planning

In 2016, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell undertook a planning exercise to develop a mountain biking activity for current and future Larose Forest users. The success and sustainability of this type of complex territorial project require adequate planning. Indeed, it contains high stakes of environmental protection, economic resources, and cohabitation of recreational uses, social acceptance and access.

Popularized in the 80s, mountain biking was practiced in all kinds of trails often borrowed from walkers, all-terrain vehicles, etc. Nowadays, the development of this sport is increasingly going through the creation of routes specifically designed for mountain biking, from beginners to the elite, but can very often be shared with other outdoor enthusiasts.

The concept of mountain biking development in the Larose Forest presented is the result of an integrated planning process that lasted nearly a year. It is anticipated that the construction of the new trails will be completed within a 5-year period (2017-2022).

As of October 2017, Mountain Bike Trail Map is available and will keep on updating it as the project moves forward.