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The Administration of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell has four divisions:

  • General Management
  • Clerk’s Office
  • Information Technology
  • Weed Control

General Management

The General Management is the key component for the proper functioning of all services and departments within the Corporation of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. The Chief Administrative Officer and Clerk ensure the management and general control of the Corporation’s administrative affairs, and provide support to Council members with their powers or duties.

Clerk’s Office

The Clerk’s Office assumes the general administrative and secretarial support of the Council and oversees the implementation of its decisions. It is responsible for the administrative and legislative documentation and provides for the drafting of agendas, minutes, resolutions and by-laws. The Clerk’s Office is also responsible for:

  • managing records and archives of the Corporation;
  • enforcing the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; and
  • receiving public tenders.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department oversees the IT infrastructure and is responsible for maintaining security and preserving data integrity.

Weed Control

The Weed Inspector Mr. Guy Cayer is responsible for enforcing the Weed Control Act within the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

Customer Service Delivery Review

Mandate Overview

The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (the “UCPR”), with an overall goal of improving service quality, conducted a Customer Service Delivery Review to help identify opportunities for internal improvement and streamline administrative procedures. The UCPR have mandated MNP LLP to conduct the review and make recommendations to modernize and improve the delivery of our client services.

Summary of Recommendations

In summary, opportunities for improvement come down to the following eleven (11) elements:

  1. Develop a unified Corporate Vision, with underlying Values and Strategic principles to set the foundation for the Corporation’s aspirations and direction;
  2. Implement a Customer Service Advisory Committee that would include both representatives from the UCPR and the eight (8) local municipalities of Prescott and Russell to enhance service delivery region-wide;
  3. Create an internal Steering Committee to support change management and the implementation of desired recommendations;
  4. Develop mechanisms to improve communication and collaboration between Departments;
  5. Continue to review processes internally and identify opportunities for greater efficiency;
  6. Define the desired customer service standards for the UCPR with key measurables for each service or program;
  7. Establish a single Customer-Centric front reception desk to create a “one-stop-shop” for customers;
  8. Conduct an internal review to identify opportunities for improvement in supporting the updated Customer-Centric Service Delivery processes;
  9. Review current use of space, prioritizing customer-facing Departments to enhance the use of functional space;
  10. Re-design the Corporation’s online experience and interface to be aligned with the Customer-Centric Vision for improved accessibility of information and services; and
  11. Continue to develop and implement improved technology and tools for data management, customer engagement, and information sharing.

What’s next?

The UCPR are currently setting up a new Steering Committee to oversee and support the process of implementing the recommendations described above. Actions have already been taken internally to respond to current challenges arising from COVID-19, with the deployment of new technologies that have greatly contributed to refining overall internal collaboration and service quality. The UCPR will continue to prioritize the improvement of its Customer Service Delivery, observing its ongoing remedial measures together with the recommendations set out above.