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Vision of the United Counties

Prescott and Russell will continue to be a community united by its traditions and cultures, working towards the prosperity of all its residents. 

Motto of the United Counties

“Sic Dat Diligentia Terra” meaning “He who works hard, reaps a good harvest.”

This motto demonstrates a characteristic of the local economy which has always been important in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, being agriculture.  Although this sector is no longer the largest employer, it remains nevertheless the cornerstone of the local economy. 

In 1991, the value of agricultural production in Prescott and Russell was $142 million, of which 61.6 per cent came from farms located in Prescott County, the east sector of the United Counties. Although all agricultural sectors are represented in the local farming economy, it should be noted that dairy farms represent 49.8 per cent of Prescott and Russell’s agriculture. Beef producers represent 20 per cent of the sector.