Paramedic Service

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Paramedic Service

Responsibilities of land ambulance services

  • Seeing to the operational and strategic planning of the emergency medical services.
  • Offering advanced primary care pre-hospital emergency services.
  • Insuring quality and supporting the delivery of services according to standards and arrangements under the Ambulance Act and Regulations on emergency medical services.
  • Insuring assessment, medical treatment and patient transportation by ambulance to the hospital and/or any other health care institution.
  • Insuring professional development of paramedics.

Definition of pre-hospital emergency services

Our goal is to provide assistance within the best possible time frame, provide necessary care and offer access to the nearest appropriate hospital, according to the patient’s condition and accommodation capacity of the institutions.

In order to improve the quality of our service to the patients, our land ambulance services offer two levels of service: primary care paramedic and advanced care paramedic.

Advanced care pre-hospital emergency services are essential in a rural area like Prescott and Russell where the travel distance to get to a hospital is usualy further than in an urban setting.

Our paramedics can provide authorized medical procedures in order to assure rapid treatment to a person in distress.

Thus, in order to offer our citizens with the best possible service in a set response time, paramedics of Prescott and Russell provide advanced care that would normally only be offered in the emergency room.

Land ambulance stations and dispatch of staff

Ambulances are deployed out of four stations. These stations are in Embrun, Hawkesbury, Plantagenet, and Rockland. We also have five waiting stations located in Alfred, Bourget, Casselman, Vankleek Hill, and St-Isidore.

Our ambulance attendants are at work 24 hours a day to ensure a reasonable response time, even with the major area of the territory to cover. Did you ever notice ambulances parked in some random place? These strategic spots have been set in order to be able to cover a bigger territory when other ambulances are busy on the scene of an emergency and are not available for new calls.

Financing the land ambulance services

The Province transferred the financial and operational responsibility of the land ambulance services to the United Counties of Prescott and Russell on January 1st, 2001. The cost of the service is equally shared between the provincial and the regional governments.

Delegate medical acts

Paramedics practice delegated medical acts, which means that under the direction of a physician designated by our base hospital, they can provide medical care in a pre-hospital environment within established protocols. For example: use of defibrillator, intubation, starting an intravenous line, administering medications, etc.

Type of calls

Our paramedics respond to medical calls and inter-hospital transfers.

Emergency medical calls are categorized by code.

  • Code 1 - Non-emergency transportation (return or transfer) 
  • Code 2 - Scheduled transportation 
  • Code 3 - Urgent, but the patient's life is not compromised 
  • Code 4 - Critical, the patient's life could be compromised 
  • Code 8 - Standby

Become a paramedic

If the paramedic profession interests you, please check with the colleges and universities in your area for information on courses and requirements.