Planning & Forestry

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Planning & Forestry

The role of the Planning and Forestry Department is to manage the land use of its territory while ensuring effective and respectful environmental planning. The Official Plan is the central policy document. The Larose Forest and cartography services are also the responsibility of this department.

Counties or municipalities

There are two levels of municipal government in Prescott and Russell: the local municipalities and the United Counties.

The distribution of jurisdictional responsibility for planning and land division may create confusion. Please do not hesitate to contact the planning authorities of your local municipality or the United Counties’ Planning and Forestry Department, according to the guide below.

Please refer to your local municipality for:

  • Building and demolition permits
  • Zoning questions
  • Municipal taxes
  • Waste management and recycling

Please refer to the United Counties for:

  • Lot creation
  • Changes to an existing lot
  • (Exception: please refer any such inquiries regarding the City of Clarence-Rockland directly to the municipality)

Please refer to both levels for:

  • Amendments to an Official Plan
  • Establishing a new subdivision or condominium plan

Consultation for Planning Act Applications

To assist with the efficient review and processing of a request to amend the Official Plan, or an application for subdivision or condominium or consent approval, applicants shall pre-consult. The purpose of having a mandatory meeting prior to making an application is to provide an opportunity for Counties’ Staff to clarify the information and materials that the applicant may be required to submit with the application.

The Planning Pre-Application Consultation By-law was enacted in 2018 in order to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with applicants, their agents, and consultants to identify and discuss major challenges and constraints pertaining to proposed projects. There is no additional fee for this service.

Please Note

The pre-application consultation does not constitute preapproval for projects. It does allow the United Counties to identify major planning and servicing issues pertaining to conceptual developments. Public participation remains an essential part of the process, once an application has been made to the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

Planning and Forestry

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