Hunting and Trapping

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Hunting and Trapping


Hunting is an activity regulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Hunting is allowed, without any special permission, of deer, small game, and duck, on the lands owned by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell and the Larose Forest. Please note that it is prohibited to install a permanent observation tower and to build fires.

New Moose Hunting Zones


One must have a valid pass from the ATV Club of Eastern Ontario in order to circulate on the Larose Forest trails. Any circulation other than on the established trails is liable to a fine. Note that it is strictly forbidden to circulate with ATVs to scout for hunting.

Restricted area for the discharge of firearms

It is forbidden to discharge any firearms within the area located on the following map. For additional information regarding By-law 2012-62, please contact the City of Clarence-Rockland at 613 446-6022.

Moose Hunting period - Zone 65 (Larose Forest)

  • From October 5 to 14th, 2021
Hunting is an activity regulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Larose Forest and its surroundings shelter a rare population of moose. The United Counties of Prescott and Russell territory is divided by its NEW HUNTING ZONES to which a limited number of hunters have access each year.

Special permission from the United Counties is required for moose hunting in all wooded areas under its jurisdiction. This permission is available at a cost of $100 (plus HST). You may apply for your special permission as of August 3, 2021 and not before this date by sending the form with your name, a copy/picture of your moose tag, your mailing address, telephone number and a choice of 3 specific hunting zones you wish to hunt. Please make sure that everything is included in your email otherwise this may delay the issuance of your moose hunting special permission.

Moose Hunting Zones


Planning and Forestry Department
59 Court Street, P.O. Box 304
L'Orignal, Ontario
1 800 667-6307 ext. 7101


Please contact the Forestry Centre for any questions pertaining to animal trapping.


Nicolas Gauthier, Senior Forestry Technician
Larose Forest Centre
4858 Champlain Street
Bourget, Ontario
613 487-4103