Economic Strategic Plan

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Prescott-Russell’s 2010 economic development plan was intended as a new statement on the future direction of the Region, setting out a plan for the diverse range of organizations across the United Counties to pursue new economic opportunities and developments. Within this context for growth and expansion, the plan outlined two broad goals:
  • To facilitate new economic opportunities and collaborations based on convergence, creativity, and talent 
  • To create an unparalleled quality of place and remarkable visitor experiences 
In many ways, the efforts of regional economic development organizations, local communities, and a range of other stakeholders have resulted in notable progress on these goals, over a time where the global and national economy was only slowly recovering from the 2008/09 recession.

Economic Strategic Plan Update

However, much has changed at the regional, national, and global levels since the strategy was completed. This offers the opportunity to revisit the goals, objectives, and actions outlined in the previous economic development plan to ensure that strategic directions align with the new opportunities and challenges Prescott-Russell can respond to. The purpose of the economic development plan update is to revisit the observations and conclusions of the previous economic development plan, particularly within the context of the progress that has been made by Prescott-Russell Economic Development and Tourism (PREDT), the Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation (PRCDC), and the local communities of Prescott-Russell since 2010, to determine a new strategic plan for the next five years.

Consult the full version of the Strategic Plan

Regional Business Retention and Expansion Action Plan

The Prescott and Russell Economic Development and Tourism (PREDT) Department, in partnership with economic development departments in all eight lower-tier municipalities, conducted 563 interviews from May 2017 to February 2018 with business owners specializing in commercial, industrial, agricultural and tourism sectors. 

Consult the full survey results: