Creation of Lots

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Creation of Lots

Part Lot Control

Applications for removal of a part lot control apply to properties registered within a subdivision plan, such as semi-detached homes, row housing units, and so forth. These applications allow properties to be divided into several distinct properties for purposes of transfer and property rights.

Land Division

Any landowner may apply for a land division. Applications are required for the creation of a new lot, the enlargement of an existing lot, easement purposes, providing access to a right-of-way, or correcting a property title. The proposed use of the land must conform to the Official Plans and any applicable zoning by-laws. A minimum of 90 days is required to process a land division application. For further information, please contact:

Louise Goulet Dodd
Tel: 613.675.4661 / 1.800.667.6307, ext. 7101

Subdivision and Condominium Plans

Any landowner or agent who wishes to create several lots in an urban, community-based or rural area must submit an Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision.

An Application for Approval of a Plan for a Condominium must be submitted to develop a group of dwelling units on the same lot, or to convert an existing building.

Fees apply in both cases. It is therefore strongly recommended to consult with your local municipality’s planning department as well as the United Counties before taking any further action. A minimum of 120 days is required for a completed application to be processed. Review the applicable fee list base on the 2019-30 By-Law Excerpt.

For further information, please contact the Planning Department by phone at 613-675-4661 or toll free at 1 800-667-6307, extension 7101.

You can consult the Opened files and the ongoing work related to individual projects.