Confirmation on keen interest to PR Transpo
PR Transpo Intermunicipal Service logo

In order to assess the interest and needs of future users of the PR Transpo Intermunicipal Public Transport Service, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) conducted an online survey and held five public consultations over the last few weeks.

The conclusions are clear: many citizens of Prescott and Russell are interested in this service and they have provided crucial information about how they wish to use it.

“The people of Prescott and Russell have repeatedly mentioned the mobility challenges that exist within our region. This project addresses these needs and will benefit the economic and community development of the region,” explained Robert Kirby, Warden of the UCPR Council.

According to preliminary data collected from 1,315 respondents:

  • 82% of respondents find that PR Transpo is a good initiative;
  • 40% of respondents would regularly use the intermunicipal transportation service;
  • 83% of respondents say they are willing to pay up to $6.00 for a one-way trip;
  • The four main reasons for using the service are: entertainment, shopping, groceries and medical appointments.

“It is essential to take into account the feedback of our residents in implementing a service that will serve the population, and meet the needs of employers who could equally benefit from this service,” noted Carole Lavigne, Director of Economic Development and Tourism for the UCPR – the department responsible for the implementation of PR Transpo.

At the present time, the launch of the Intermunicipal Public Transport Service is still scheduled for the fall of 2019. For more information, please visit