Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Can PR Transpo take me to Ottawa?

The PR Transpo Pilot Transportation Project serves only the Prescott and Russell area.

Is there a stop in each village?

We have tried to meet the greatest need of the population. Since this is a pilot project, we will modify the routes as needed. Please refer to the Routes and Schedules section for all stops.

Where can I buy tickets?

Please refer to the Ticket Sales and Rates section for the list of points of sale.

Do you have a mobile application?

Yes, the My Geo Tab App, this is a GPS system installed in each bus with real time response. Visit the My Geo Tab page for the connection details.

Are there places for people with reduced mobility?

Each bus has two spaces for reduced mobility.

Should we reserve our place for reduced mobility?

These places cannot be reserved. It's on a first-come, first-served basis, like all other passengers.

Is there room for bicycles?

Each bus is equipped with a bicycle rack that can accommodate two bicycles.

Is there room for strollers?

Parents with strollers are welcomed on the bus.

Is there WIFI on buses?

No, WIFI is not available on the bus.

How will we be notified of delays and cancellations?

For any minor delays, we advise you to consult the MyGeoTab application, which is the GPS system installed in buses to track buses in real time.

For any major changes, such as cancellation, breakage, or other, you will be notified of major delays through Facebook, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell website and by email for those who have registered on our mailing list.

Is the cost of $5 for a round trip?

The cost of $5 is for a first ride and then for a transfer or a return on the same day.

Can I use my transfer any day?

No, the transfer must be used on the same day.

When boarding, you must present your ticket to the bus driver, the bottom portion will be torn off. The top portion of your ticket will be stamped with the date of that day. You must use the top portion for your return or transfer.

How many times will the bus pass per day?

There will be a round trip in the morning and a round trip in the afternoon. Please refer to the Routes and Schedules for boarding times.

If I have a vehicle and want to use the intermunicipal transport, where can I park my car?

The letter P is indicated on the schedule to identify where you can park your car.

If I forget something on the bus, how can I get it back?

Items found on buses will be returned to 59 Court Street, L'Orignal and will be kept for 60 days.

To retrieve an object, you must contact the liaison person, at 613-675-4661 or toll-free 844-957-0533, extension 8112 or present yourself at 59 Court Street in L'Orignal during office hours of 8am to 4pm.

Will the bus be available at night?

The hours of service are from 8am to 6pm.

Considering a great demand to extend the hours of service, the schedule will be re-evaluated at that time.

What day of the week will the bus be available?

One bus will run from Tuesday to Saturday and the other from Monday to Saturday.

If I have a complaint or questions, who can I contact?

Please contact the liaison person at 613-675-4661 or toll-free at 1-844-957-0533 extension 8101 or by email.

If I'm in a wheelchair and I have an attendant, will he have to pay to get on the bus?

An attendant will be allowed at no charge for people with a wheelchair and/or walker.

How much space is there on the bus?

We have two mini-buses that can accommodate 20 passengers if the adapted seats are not used.

Will the bus be available on public holidays?

You will find the list of days when the bus will not be available on the Useful Information section.

Who is the Intermunicipal transport for?

PR Transpo buses are for everyone in Prescott and Russell, regardless of age and reason.

If I am a senior citizen and have a medical appointment in Alexandria, is PR Transpo a good solution for me?

No, PR Transpo serves only the Prescott and Russell area and is not an individual transportation system. Although it is suitable for two wheelchairs, during medical appointments, it is suggested to contact the two community partners. Prescott-Russell Community Services and Carefor who offer transportation for seniors over 55 and for medical appointments only. You can contact Prescott and Russell Community Services at 613-632-0939. You can also contact Carefor at 613-632-0418.

Can I bring an animal on the bus?

A service animal, identified with a bib may accompany its owner on the bus. However, pets will not be allowed.