The Public Works Department issues six types of permits:

The first one is for overweight and oversized loads insuring secure transportation while protecting Prescott and Russell’s road network.  The second one is for reduced loads during thawing period.  Those permits are regulated through By-Law 2013-24 in accordance with the Ontario Traffic Act, which prescribes specific conditions to permit holders.  The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario are responsible for implementing the law during the reduced load period as well as for the overweight loads.

The two other permits are to authorize works in ditches and entranceway on County Roads. Those permits are regulated through By-Law 2017-46.

The fifth type of permit is to authorize road cuts. This permit is regulated through By-Law 2013-26.

The last type of permit is for the installation of a temporary sign on a county road.  This permit is regulated through By-Law 2015-31.

Type of Permits

Vehicles or loads exceeding limits
In accordance with Bylaw 2013-24, this permit applies to transportation of vehicle, loads, objects or buildings that exceed the dimensions and/or weight prescribed in the "Highway Traffic Act" on County Roads.

Each vehicle that exceeds the prescribed limits must possess its own permit. Prescribed limits are as follow:

Maximum width without permit: 2,6 meters
Maximum height without permit: 4,15 meters
Maximum length: 12,5 meters
Semi-trailer: 16,2 meters
Combination: 23 meters
Maximum weight: according to H.T.A. standards

- A private escort is required to lead and follow vehicles with width of 4 to 4,99 meters. An escort from OPP is required for any width exceeding 5 meters. The applicant is responsible to make the necessary arrangements with the OPP, as some charges apply.

All loads of more than 4 meters wide must obtain a single move permit before moving.

Permit fee: $200 annually per vehicle

Vehicles or loads exceeding limits Application form
Vehicles or loads exceeding limits Application form for single request
Vehicles or loads exceeding limits Conditions document

Special for Reduced Loads (thawing)
In order to protect county roads against crucial damages that could occur during thawing period in the spring, restrictions on heavy charges are imposed. It is true that particular weather conditions during spring and high water concentration in between material layers can considerably reduce the support capacity and use resistance of the roads.

The period during which these restrictions apply may vary from one year to another, depending on when thawing starts, to end towards May 15th.

This season reduced loads restriction period has ended on Friday, May 5th, 2017.

During thawing period, a permit for heavy vehicles or loads that cannot be reduced, such as heavy equipment or heavy machinery is requested.

Limit by axle

During the reduced-load period, the limit is 5 tons per axle. Any charge capable of being reduced, such as concrete, grain, and rock or other must be so, in order to abide by this limit.

Permit fee: $300 per vehicle during thawing period.

Furthermore, a single move permit must be emitted to permit holders each time they move equipment or objects that exceed prescribed limits. The permit holder must obtain his special reduced loads permit (seasonal) before obtaining his single move permit for daily trips.

Special for Reduced Loads Application form
Special for Reduced Loads Application form for single request

Private Entranceway Construction
The construction, removal, relocation and replacement of a private entrance way or widening of an existing one, whether it is residential, commercial or farmland on a county road, must receive a permit beforehand, as stipulated in Bylaw 2015-46.

The physical location of the driveway must be pre-approved by the Public Works foreman. A driveway’s location must be secure and offer a good view of the traffic, as well as allow the flow of water in ditches.

The Department must also give instructions related to the construction, such as the length and diameter of the pipe (if necessary), the location, the filling, etc.

The owner is responsible for the entire cost related to the construction of a new driveway and will remain responsible afterwards.

Permit fee: $200 non-refundable and security deposit of $1,500 refundable to permit holder once work is completed and approved by the Department.

Private Entranceway Construction Application form

Private Entranceway Construction Conditions document

Front-yard Ditch Filling
Land owners are responsible for the maintenance of their front-yard ditch on their property and may present a request to have it filled. Ditches enable the flowing of rainwater and creeks, as well as stocking space for snow during plowing operations during the winter. Therefore, it is very important that they not be obstructed.

In accordance with Bylaw 2015-46, a permit to fill a front-yard ditch must be obtained prior to beginning the works. The owner is responsible for the works and the costs related to this improvement. Any future maintenance of this filling is also the sole responsibility of the owner.

Permit fee: $200 and a minimum deposit of $1,000 ($200 per linear meter with a minimum of $500) refundable when the labour is completed and approved by the foreman, and when the grass has grown.

Front-yard Ditch Filling Application form
Front-yard Ditch Filling Conditions document

Road cut
In accordance with Bylaw 2013-26, this permit is mandatory when an applicant must proceed to a road cut or any other form of alteration, or work in the right of way of a county road, in order to connect pipes for drinking water or sewers.

The permit is issued to the applicant’s name, however the labour must be done by a renowned contractor in order to insure that all rebuilding done to the county road is done according to standards.

Rebuilding of ditches, road sides, sidewalks or any other road structure by means of excavation, boring under the road, pass over by tunnelling, etc. are also regulated by this permit.

The applicant commits himself, by signing the permit, to inform public services, such as Hydro One, Bell Canada, the Municipal Fire Department, the gas and cable company, as well as the Public Works foreman.

Permit fee: $200 non-refundable and a security deposit (see table) refundable to permit holder when labour is completed and approved by the foreman, after a 2-year period.

Ditch cut, including boring under a road going from the ditch

  • $25 per square meter
  • $500 (minimum deposit)

Gravel road cut, of 100% of the travelled portion, by 3 meters or less in width.

  • $1000
  • $50 per square meter for additional width

Asphalt road cut, of less than 50% of the travelled portion, by 3 meters or less in width.

  • $3000
  • $200 per square meter for additional width 

Asphalt road cut, of more than 50% of the travelled portion, by 3 meters or less in width.

  • $5000
  • $200 per square meter for additional width
Road cut Application form
Road cut Conditions document

Sign permits
In accordance to By-Law 2015-31, this permit is to regulate the installation of temporary signs on road allowance on a county road. It is strictly forbidden to erect, install, publish, display or maintain a sign on the road allowance of any county road. Please refer to By-Law 2015-31 for exemptions.

There is not cost for the permit.

In order to erect a sign, the applicant must make application and have the approval of the Public Works’ Director.

Signage Application Form