Early Years Services

Services and Programs available

Within the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, there are different types of Child Care options to help meet the needs of parents and children.

  • Free programs and services in the three Early ON Child and Family Centres;
  • Centre or home-based full-time and part-time licenced early years services;
  • Financial support for parents through child-care subsidies;
  • Inclusion services for children with special needs.

You are a new parent and you need support and information:

EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Our Centres

Casselman Centre

676A Principale Street, P. O. Box 306
Casselman ON K0A 1M0
Tel.: 613-764-3434/1-866-764-3434
[email protected]

Hawkesbury Centre

876 James Street
Hawkesbury ON K6A 2W8
Tel.: 1-866-764-3434
[email protected]

Rockland Centre

2303 Laurier Street, Unit 105
P. O. Box 280
Rockland ON K4K 1K4
Tel.: 1-866-764-3434
[email protected]

Activities provided

To learn about the activities and programs provided visit the Prescott and Russell dedicated Early ON website.

Services provided

  • Early learning and literacy programs
  • Programs to support parents and caregivers of young children in all aspects of early child development, i.e. programs on nutrition
  • Information and training for new parents about pregnancy and parenting
  • Information about other early learning and child care programs in the community
  • Outreach activities to ensure all parents can get involved with their local Centre

EarlyON centres offer free, high-quality programs for families and children from birth to 6 years old. You can learn and play with your child, meet people and get advice from early childhood professionals.

If you have a question about your child's development, or want to know how to get information or services for children up to the age of six in your area, please call, email, or visit us.

You can also visit the websites for dedicated to our EarlyON Centres or the Ontario Ministry of Education at its page dedicated to the Early ON program.

You are looking for a centre-based child care:

Licensed Child Care

Licensed Child Care is offered in a Child Care Centre or in a private home and must meet the requirements of the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.

Licensed Early Years Services can have a service agreement with the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. The operating license is issued by the Ministry of Education of Ontario following a specific procedure and is overseen by the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014. Services are offered in both official languages, i.e. French and English.

Early Years Services are offered to children aged from birth to 12 years old in various settings, mostly in schools. The Child Care Centre can provide services to clients of one or more of the following age groups: infant, toddler, preschool, and before and after school.

Choosing Quality Child Care

Quality Child Care provides peace of mind and helps balance work and family. It also promotes healthy child development, including physical, emotional, social, and intellectual.

The Ontario Ministry of Education website is available to assist parents in making informed decisions about Licensed Child Care.


  • Qualified Early Childhood Educators with First Aid training;
  • Rooms and outdoor play areas, as well as educational material tailored to the needs of the children;
  • Settings defined by standards of training, Health and Safety, planning, hygiene and sanitation, etc.;
  • Settings that promote the overall development of each child, learning healthy habits, the practice of social skills, and having fun;
  • Process of learning through play.

For further information, please contact the Child Care Centre in your region directly.

Child Care Centres near you


Centre éducatif Les Petits Trésors, Cambridge Public School
2123 Route 500, Embrun (Ontario) K0A 1W0
613-443-4428 - [email protected]
Website: www.lespetitstresors.ca


Rockland Public School Daycare, Rockland Public School
999 Giroux Street, Rockland (Ontario) K4K 1C2
613-446-6001 - [email protected]

St-Patrick's School Age Day Care Centre, St-Patrick's School
1001 l'Héritage Drive, Rockland (Ontario) K4K 1R2
613-446-4406 - [email protected]

Bhakta Prahlad Montessori
1122 Concession Street, Russell (Ontario) K4R 1C7 613-668-6320 - [email protected]

Early Learning Kindercare Inc., Russell Public School
14 Mill Street, Russell (Ontario) K4R 1E5
613-445-0445 - [email protected] or [email protected]

École Maternelle Coopérative de Russell/Russell Co-op Nursery School
38 Mill Street, Russell (Ontario) K4R 1E1
613-445-3182 - [email protected]

French only Child Care Centres near you


Centre éducatif Les Petits Trésors, École St-Albert
116 Principale Street, St-Albert (Ontario) K0A 3C0
613-987-2157 - [email protected]
Website: www.lespetitstresors.ca


Centre d'animation parascolaire au Jardin des Câlins, St-Isidore School
20 de l'École Street, St-Isidore (Ontario) K0C 2B0
613-524-2945 - [email protected]


Garderie Parascolaire de St-Pascal-Baylon, du Rosaire School
2410 Du Lac Rd, St-Pascal-Baylon (Ontario) K0A 3N0
613-931-5522 - [email protected]

Vankleek Hill

Centre Éducatif Champlain Learning Center, St-Jude School
5355 Highway 34, Vankleek Hill (Ontario) K0B 1R0
613-678-2397 - [email protected]

Centre éducatif Les Petits Trésors, Pleasant Corner Public School
4099 Highway 34, Vankleek Hill (Ontario) K0B 1R0
613-678-2030 - [email protected]
Website: www.lespetitstresors.ca

Garderie Champlain Daycare, St-Grégoire School
50 Home Avenue, Vankleek Hill (Ontario) K0B 1R0
613-676-1551 - [email protected]


Centre éducatif Les Petits Trésors, St-Joseph School
3250 Principale Street, Wendover (Ontario) K0A 3K0
613-673-5276 x 229 - [email protected]
Website: www.lespetitstresors.ca


Centre éducatif Les Petits Trésors, St-Victor School 38 St-Paul Street, Alfred (Ontario) K0B 1A0
613-679-4373 x 229 - [email protected]
Website: www.lespetitstresors.ca


Garderie Sacré Cœur, Sacré Cœur School
2233 Dollard Street, Bourget (Ontario) K0A 1E0
613-487-1973 - [email protected]


Centre d'animation parascolaire au Jardin des Câlins, St-Euphémie School
213 Laurier Street, Casselman (Ontario) K0A 1M0
613-764-0415 - [email protected]

Centre éducatif au Jardin des Câlins, St-Euphémie School
213 Laurier Street, Casselman (Ontario) K0A 1M0
613-764-0415 - [email protected]

Centre Éducatif Quatre Saisons, L'Académie de la Seigneurie School
731-B des Pommiers Street, Casselman (Ontario) K0A 1M0
613-764-3559 - [email protected] or [email protected]

Garderie Quatre Saisons
729 St-Isidore Rd, Casselman (Ontario) K0A 1M0
613-764-3552 - [email protected]


Garderie Ste-Félicité, Ste-Félicité School
1647 Landry Street, Clarence-Creek (Ontario) K0A 1N0
613-446-5853 - [email protected]


L'AFÉSEO Soleil des petits Rivière-Castor
100 Maheu Street, Embrun (Ontario) K0A 1W0
613-443-2226 - [email protected]

Garderie des Amis Embrun Inc.
1081 Notre-Dame Street, Embrun (Ontario) K0A 1W0
613-443-0643 - franç[email protected]

Municipalité de Russell - Garderie La Croisée
1215 Saint Augustin Street, Embrun (Ontario) K0A 1W0
613-443-4881 - [email protected]

Municipalité de Russell - Garderie St-Jean
1045 Notre-Dame Street, Embrun (Ontario) K0A 1W0
613-443-2850 - [email protected]


Centre Préscolaire et Parascolaire St-Mathieu, St-Mathieu School
3155 Gendron Rd, Hammond (Ontario) K0A 2A0
613-446-6001 - [email protected]


L'AFÉSEO Soleil des petits Nouvel Horizon, Nouvel Horizon School
433 Cartier Blvd, Hawkesbury (Ontario) K6A 1V9
613-632-4491 - [email protected]

L'AFÉSEO Soleil des petits Paul VI, Paul VI School
500 Principale Street, Hawkesbury (Ontario) K6A 1A9
613-632-9636 - [email protected]


L'Atelier des Petits Champlain & Programme Journée prolongée, St-Jean-Baptiste School
35 Longueuil Street, L'Orignal (Ontario) K0B 1K0
613-675-8888 - [email protected]


Centre Éducatif au Jardin des Câlins, St-Viateur School
139 Mabel Street, Limoges (Ontario) K0A 2M0
613-443-9288 - [email protected]

Centre éducatif Garderie des amis, parascolaire
45, rue des Bénévoles, Limoges (Ontario) K0A 2M0
613-975-6023 - [email protected]

Centre éducatif Garderie des amis, bambins et préscolaires
525 Limoges Road, Limoges (Ontario) K0A 2M0
613-557-2040 - [email protected]


Centre éducatif Les Petits Trésors, St-Paul School
260 Principale Street, Plantagenet (Ontario) K0B 1L0
613-673-4880 x 229 - [email protected]
Website: www.lespetitstresors.ca


Garderie Parascolaire Carrefour-Jeunesse, Carrefour-Jeunesse School
927 St-Jean Street, Rockland (Ontario) K4K 1P6
613-446-6700 - [email protected]

Garderie Ste-Trinité, Ste-Trinité School
879 St-Joseph Street, Rockland (Ontario) K4K 1C2
613-446-0505 - [email protected]


Garderie l'Arche des Amis de Russell, St-Joseph School
1008 Russell Road North, Russell (Ontario) K4R 1E1
613-445-3760 - [email protected]

You are looking for home child-care:

Prescott and Russell Licensed Home Child Care Agency

The Prescott and Russell Licensed Home Child Care Agency is a service within the Early Years Services of the Social Services Department of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

Looking for Home Child Care

The Agency offers a quality service that is equitable, affordable, and accessible to all residents of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. The supervised home child care must adhere to the standards and regulations of the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014. We offer child care for children from six weeks to 12 years of age inclusively. We also offer home child care for children before and after school.

It is called home child care because the children are cared for, in the Provider's home. Home child care offers children a structured and stimulating environment, as well as various activities that will allow them to develop physical, social, intellectual, and emotional skills. The Agency assures that all homes in our program are selected through a rigorous screening process. Scheduled and unscheduled visits are made on a regular basis to ensure that the government's standards are met. Each Child Care Provider must follow provincial directives regarding health and security policies, as well as the number and age of children permitted in their Home Child Care.


  • the Agency's qualified staff members are responsible for recruiting as well as for the constant evaluation of the Child Care Provider's home;
  • accessibility and flexibility of a Home Child Care;
  • nutritional meals and snacks;
  • stimulating activities adapted to the children's ages, needs, and interests;
  • program geared to Children with Special Needs;
  • possibility of a subsidy for eligible families;
  • a formal agreement between the parents, the Child Care Provider, and the Agency;
  • affordable fees with an income tax receipt.

To register

To make a payment

  • Pre-authorized Payment
  • Bank Transfer
  • Online Payment (MasterCard, Visa, MasterCard Debit, Visa Debit, or Amex)

You need financial support to help you cover child-care fees:

Eligibility for Child Care Fee Subsidy

You may be eligible for a Child Care Fee Subsidy

As a parent or guardian, you may be eligible for a Child Care Fee Subsidy if you have one or more children aged from birth to 12 years old who attend or are about to attend a licensed Child Care Centre.

What does it take to qualify for a Child Care Fee Subsidy?

  • Reside in the region of Prescott and Russell;
  • Your children must attend a licensed Child Care Centre in Prescott and Russell or the Prescott and Russell Licensed Home Child Care Agency;
  • Have a full- or part-time job, be looking for a job, be going to school full- or part-time, or have a child with special needs;
  • Be experiencing financial needs identified by your most recent Notice of Assessment, according to governmental deadlines.

How do I submit an application?

To apply for a Child Care Fee Subsidy, you are invited to register an Application for Child Care Fee Subsidy (Central waiting list) and by filling out an application once your registration is complete.

This waiting list works on a first-come, first-served basis, except in exceptional circumstances. It is not possible to know where you are on the waiting list or how many people are before you.

Once your application is submitted, you will automatically be added to the waiting list for a Child Care Fee Subsidy, and someone will contact you when a space becomes available.

We will then send you a list of documents to provide in order to determine your eligibility and proceed with the financial assessment. Once the documents have been received, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

How is financial eligibility determined?

To be eligible for a Child Care Fee Subsidy, you absolutely must have filed an income tax return for the most recent tax year *.

To determine your financial eligibility for a Child Care Fee Subsidy, we will ask you to provide line 236 from your most recent Notice of Assessment or your family net income found on your Canada child tax benefit.

A parental contribution will be determined based upon your income from the previous year. You are eligible for a Child Care Fee Subsidy if the amount of your parental contribution does not exceed the total amount of your Child Care expenses per month.

*If you have recently immigrated to Canada, you can still apply, but you will need to provide your Notice of Assessment as soon as you file your first income tax return.

If your financial situation has changed considerably since the previous tax year, you may qualify for a fee reduction in your parental contribution. To take advantage of this reduction, you must provide verification that your income for this calendar year will be at least 20 per cent less that the most recent tax year.

You may use the Childcare Subsidy Calculator to give you an estimate of the parental contribution you will have to pay. Important: This calculator is for reference purposes only. The exact parental contribution amount will be determined at your application or annual reapplication appointment.

Childcare Subsidy Calculator

Line 236     

Monthly estimate   

For all questions regarding the Child Care Fee Subsidy program, you can contact the Child Care Fee Subsidy Officer by email at [email protected], by telephone at 613-675-4661 or at the toll free number at 1-800-667-9825.

Your child has special needs:

Inclusion Services for Children with Special Needs

Program Statement

To promote the inclusion of children with special needs that are registered with a Licensed Child Care Service.


  • To promote the child's inclusion and support the Registered Early Childhood Educators in the licensed Child Care Services;
  • To support the licensed Child Care Service Provider with individual plans for children with special needs;
  • To provide a purchase of service for support staff to licensed Child Care Services;
  • To collaborate with parents and the multidisciplinary team to ensure consistency of expectations and approaches towards children with special needs;
  • Provide training and various resources;
  • To support children with special needs with their school transition.

Eligibility criteria

Children aged from birth to 12 years old who are registered with a Licensed Child Care Service and/or Service Providers who have an agreement with the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

The child shows difficulties in his or her development, such as:

  • an overall delay in development;
  • expressive and receptive language;
  • social and environmental behaviour;
  • physical;
  • medical.

How to reach us

676A Principale Street, P. O. Box 306
Casselman ON K0A 1M0
Tel.: 613-764-3434/1-866-764-3434
[email protected]

You would like to become a home-based child-care provider:

Become a Home Child Care Provider

Interested in offering quality Child Care from your home?

The person responsible for Home Child Care Services (called a Provider) provides a nurturing environment in which children can safely create, explore, and grow. Parents seek to find a warm, caring, and trustworthy individual to care for their children while they are at work. The Prescott and Russell Licensed Home Child Care Agency is looking for individuals who are interested in starting or developing their own Home Child Care Centre. If you meet our selection criteria, our qualified Staff will provide the support necessary to deliver the highest quality of Early Years Services.

Requirements for Home Child Care Providers

If you are interested, below is what you will be asked by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell Early Years Services Staff. These requirements must be in effect only when the Child Care Centre is open.

The candidate must:

  • have your high school diploma;
  • be 21 years old;
  • enjoy working with children;
  • submit three written references, which cannot be provided by family members;
  • submit a criminal record check, including a check on the ability to work with vulnerable persons, for any person who is a resident of the household or regularly at the home over the age of 18;
  • (as well as their spouse and anyone living at home who is over 18 years of age) sign a Consent to Release Information for a reference check with Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell;
  • have a medical form filled out by a doctor who will attest that they are capable of caring for children;
  • provide a medical form for family members;
  • ensure a smoke-free environment at all times, whether children are present or not;
  • be provided with and agree to abide by all the policies and procedures of the Agency and the Ministry of Education;
  • be bilingual (English and French);
  • maintain a $5,000,000 home for contents and civil liability insurance policy and a $2,000,000 auto insurance policy if the car is used by the Child Care Provider;
  • take a First Aid with level C CPR & AED course;
  • participate in training sessions offered in the future.


The Prescott and Russell Licensed Home Child Care Agency thanks all those who will submit documentation. However, we will only communicate with those chosen. The Home Child Care Agency also reserves the right not to apply the right of appeal or to answer the applicant's questions.

Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Directed Growth Strategy


As part of the ongoing implementation of the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) program, the Ontario Ministry of Education (Province) will fund a limited number of new school-based and community-based child care spaces for families in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) between 2023 and 2026.

The UCPR are responsible for planning, overseeing and managing licensed child care and early years programs and services throughout the counties. This includes managing and directing CWELCC-funded growth at a local level.

The CWELCC-funded growth will be gradual until 2026 and based on provincial priorities and funding.

Targeted Growth

In 2022, all existing local licensed child care service providers had the option to opt in to the CWELCC system.

As of November 1, 2022, 99% of licensed child care sites in Prescott and Russell had chosen to opt in, resulting in fee reduction of 52.75% for children in the 0–6 age groups by the end of the year. Beginning in 2023, the Province shifted to a directed growth approach, where funding would be provided for a limited number of new CWELCC-funded spaces, with a priority to support communities and populations most in need.

Between 2022 and 2026, the Province allocated 207 new CWELCC-funded spaces in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR), which include 197 spaces for new school-based locations and 10 spaces for community-based allocation. The school-based spaces will be in new school projects, as per the Ministry of Education direction. The UCPR only has discretion over the allocation of community-based CWELCC-funded spaces, with service providers needing to be selected in line with the Province’s Access and Inclusion Framework. 

New CWELCC-funded child care expansion in Prescott and Russell will focus on supporting children with special needs, children from diverse communities including Black people, racialized people and newcomers, and low-income families.

 The Directed Growth Strategy aims to increase access to child care (for children under 6 years of age) in underserved neighbourhoods experiencing lower socio-economic conditions. Servicing priority areas and families is in alignment with the Multilateral Early Learning and Child Care Framework.

The new limited CWELCC-funded spaces will be distributed to the following priority areas:

  • Francophone children: spaces will be created in various communities across Prescott and Russell;
  • Children from the general population: spaces will be created in various communities across Prescott and Russell.
New CWELCC-Funded Child Care Spaces

In 2023, child care service providers were invited to express their interest in the CWELCC-funded growth.

The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) reserve the right to re-issue a Request for Expression of Interest, or another process, should the Province allocate additional CWELCC-funded community-based spaces.

For questions, please email [email protected].

Important note

Previous enrollment in CWELCC, or applying for new CWELCC growth, does not guarantee a child care service provider will get new CWELCC-funded spaces. Child care service providers should not assume they will get more CWELCC-funded spaces and should not communicate to families or caregivers that they will be offering CWELCC reduced fees at their location(s) until they get confirmation from the UCPR. Licensed child care centres with existing CWELCC funding can grow to their licensed capacity at their current location(s).

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